- Mr. Novocaine

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November 24, 2015


I understand your disgust mister novocaine.
I know that you were one of us, and I feel your pain.
It's quite confusing outside, inside it's even worse.
It makes you wonder if a heart is a blessing or a curse.
And I could never understand just why you had to die.
But I hope you're out there somewhere, making angels cry, making angels cry.

I wanna tell you little girl what daddy ment to me.
He was the purest soul that I have ever seen.
And every note from his throat cut me like a blade.
And he could do it again, had he only stayed.
It seems to me that since you're gone I went and lost a refrain.
One more encore if you please mister novocaine, mister novocaine.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a game I rather not play.
But with all due respect I can't go out that way.
That's why i'm taking my boat and shoving off these shores,
With a tear in my sail and a broken ore.
I will travel my whole life untill I find that place,
Where I can lay on my back, feel the sun on my face.
Where the losers win, because the inside counts,
More then Mercedes-Benz and filthy bank accounts.

They were quick to call you a coward, some said you're not a man.
I call you mister novocaine and say I understand, I understand.
I'd like to see you again mister novocaine, Watch you smile for us from the pooring rain.
And I will never forget the words a friend said to me.
There are those in this life just built too delicately.
This is not to be said in front of small boys and girls.
But there are those in this life too beautiful for this world.

That's how I hold you my friend, mister novocaine.
That's what I tell myself in an attempt to explain
The senseless end of mister novocaine
I see too much of myself.
I see too much of myself.
I see too much of myself in mister novocaine.
Don't leave us standing here, but nothing for our pain.

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