December 29, 2015


You invited me in with your cautious gritty grin
But there was softness in your eyes
And a heart that been broken
Cured with just a kiss
There must be magic in those lips

The feeling that have I don't know what is
I only know what it's not
The easiness in the air leaves me without a care
And bleeds out my lonely heart

It's richer then gold to have you and grow old
I just want you to hold

I drink from your cup
I could never get enough
Don't ever let your well run dry
I'm a wonder of myself I rely on no one else
But you're my star in a crowded sky

I wanna tell you everyday how much I love you so
But I you know it to be true
You put your arms around me
I just want you to know
That I could never let you go

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