- Dark Charade

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November 12, 2015


I've been dredgin' the lake of my soul for a place I've never been
Scattering the last of my thoughts to capture a whim
Filled my lungs to limit
Found why we stay in denial
On this unclimbed stairway
Watching life go by
I'll make it easier on those of us who don't know that I am still here
Imagining dialtone schemes

When I lost myself in the dark charade...
But I promise: my performance was flawless
I lost myself in the dark charade
And I swear I'm far more crazy than the rumors make me out to be
Crazier than me...

All we are is all we are
Featureless with inside scars
We sink through walls and float right through it all
If all we are is what they say
We'll become them along the way
Who were we before we were ashamed?

Don't tell them the cause between fragments of all of us
Still the rain to rhyme the reason
Takes some time to find the one
To find the soul to make me god enough
That I could save us all
And do you love me now that I can save us all?
Do you love me now that I can save us all?
Do you love me now?

If you'll just stand over here we'll find a place where you can waste away
Sorry it's not what you sought, but superstition is all we brought today
I'll return you to the Wind for circumstantial assurances, love
Sold the sea to buy the ship... I think I may have fucked up things again
Found a way to make your soul alive, to make you slide...

So who will be the first in line?
This was all an unfortunate mistake
Do you recall a little bit of innocence, a time when we could still forgive and forget?
I remember plastic pills and crystal balls within syringes filled, filling up with
Algorithms, circuitry - this fluid frame has shown me things
I fear, I know, I believe
So who will be the first in line?

They're not there, they're not there
Don't look at them...
Don't look: stare with your menacing cinder eyes
At the least of us who've given their lives
Where the sanguine ought to be we pale in the light we bend
Oh, enough said.
Where's the love, you liar?

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