- Just One Day

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November 12, 2015


Take to the sky
Open up your eyes and see how far you get in just one day
Take to the sea
And open up your heart and see how far you get atop this place

And it's a big old world we live in now
And how mighty it can be
And all this time I pictured you standing next to me
So we could go find things we've never seen

Cloud or the trees
Look to the top and see all that your eyes will let you see
Take the lead out to the streets as far as your lungs will carry you atop your feet
And it's the only only only time it's the only time for you to be your own
And you told me told me told me I yea you told I will lead the life that I love

Oh and all your days you live life on the run
But now you see your time is finally gone
To live your life just one day by one

One by one
One by one
One by one
One by one

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