- Run To the Water

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November 12, 2015


Fast as you can
Run to the water
Cool as I am
I'll give you shelter

This place is built to make you smaller
To keep your face out of the light
Around the city's growing taller through the night
And then a symphony of laughter
Cuts though the air of foreign tongues
And you are back at where you started:
All alone

So fast as you can
Run to the water
Safe in my hands I'll bring you home

There's nothing I can do,
There's water coming through, I can sense it
And I swim the whole night through,
But in spite of all I do I'm defenceless
So I'll try to pretend I was always alone
And with a handful of pills I'll divide us
'cause with millions of miles between arrow and bow
It is easier to kill it with silence

So to hide from our hundreds you went underhill
Where the treeroots grew into your bones
I tell all my friends you are living there still
In the teeth of the chaos above
Hammer hits head but the nail doesn't move
Though the blows throwing sparks all around
It is never too late
But today is too soon,
So for now you must stay underground

So fast as you can
Run to the water

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