- Fuzzy

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November 12, 2015


Bring me home
To this house of many days
Just lay me on the floor
Hard and cool as slate
You know i love it more and more
Than before i ran away
It triggers of so many hurts
Hurtful words and broken plates

I've been lied to
Now i'm fuzzy
I've been lied to

All and all
The world is small enough for both of us
To meet upon the interstate
Waiting on a train
And just when those big arms lift up
Fall in love with no time to say it

And i would have liked to
Now i'm fuzzy
I would have liked to
Now i'm fuzzy
Fuzzy now

Here we are

In our car
Driving down the street
We're looking for a place to stop
Have a bite to eat
We hunger for a bit of faith
To replace the fear
We water like a dead bouquet
Does no good does it dear

And i've been lied to
Now i'm fuzzy
We've been lied to
Now we're fuzzy
Fuzzy now
Lied to.

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