March 4, 2016


Think of one moment you can call the happiest moment
of your life it's gone
For me the thought that keeps playing over... over and over and over.
Is the day that I realized you were gone.

I can't believe this had to happen,
Please tell me why this had to happen to someone so strong.
I wish I could go back to see her, spend time with her.
But I can't instead I'm left with sadness.

Sitting here watching you,
sitting here watching me, sitting here watching you melt away.

For me the thought that keeps playing over over and
over and over and over again.

These thoughts are like poison to me.
Stay if you can.
Why can't I pretend that you're still here with us
now, please stay with us now.
I can't stop these thoughts of you drifting away.

Cause I'm waiting, for something and if that something is to realize.
I'm waiting for something that is too real.

Wait smile do something.

I want to remember

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