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November 12, 2015


Horse the Band
A Natural Death
life is spelled without the E because as nathen says "life is never complete"

this song isnt really a song... i really dont know what it is but here it is

I believe this song is like the black hole, summing up most songs, probably the story. To put the story togeather id have to listen to the CD in order over and over and over again, so ill have to wait for that

Voice 1:
"100 days out in space
It seems we've found a holy child from another planet"

Voice 2:
"for the first time ever seen by human eyes, the planet earth riseeing over the moon"

"It kinda puts things into perspective dosn't it Frank? To think that there, on that lovly glowing orb, wars are being fought, storms, rageing people being moved... people dying. All our human conflict, our passon, our pain, being carried on beneath that veil of clouded blue."

Voice 3 (frank i think):
"And sundenly i got this funny feeling...
maybe i was blowing this whole thing outa proportion.
I mean, Lisa wasn't going to laugh at me
and anyway, what if she did? Would it really matter?"

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