November 12, 2015


Whenever you find home, if everyone belongs there, feeling our bodies breaking down.
Just trying to find a way out to a city so big that it is bound to keep your secrets.
Pack your seats high, saying goodbye to your close friends.
Making some promises like “I’ll see you again.” So when will I see you again? (new apartment complexes rising) I know a few chords that could make you miss me.
They ring and decay in this garage every few days.
Just trying to figure out this beat.
So if you want to come back east, then maybe you can help me find it. (take down your pictures pack your belongings.) If your arms are just felt then when you hold me I’ll feel held .
We’ll sink in these notes.
It never felt like this.
Tell me we belong here.
If your arms become smoke then I’ll have nothing left to hold.
We’ll dissipate with these notes.
It shouldn’t feel like this if everyone belongs here.

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