- I Can See Elvis

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May 30, 2016Fixed by nilifink 


I can see Elvis
skinny like he was back in fifty-seven
razor-quiffed and leather-squeezed
sideburns flickering in the breeze
that blows across the vales of heaven

I can see Elvis
throned like a king astride a golden Harley
smoking a reefer he just rolled
full of acapulco gold
with Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley

I can see Elvis
prowling like a cat across a funky bandstand
Keith Moon behind him banging drums
Charlie Parker all thumbs
John Lennon doing handstands

I can see Elvis
talking philosophy and law with Joan of Arc and Plato
quizzing Shakespeare on his plays
showing Crazy Horse and Marvin Gaye
how to dance the mashed potato

I can see Elvis
high and low and high and low and high he's hunting
looking for a special prey
who just arrived up here today
break out the bunting

I can see Elvis
he's writing something down in a little leather journal
and here are all the words he wrote
"I am gonna slit the throat
of that skinflint, the Colonel"

I can see Elvis….

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