November 12, 2015


Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Kids On The Street
Kids On The Street
It's time for a new understanding, if you're one of the many the family has let go
Hold on stay together when crashin' selling fake hits of acid to a college asshole

I can tell i disgust ugly old faces i see
You call us mallrats; the town is callous to the kids on the street

I know like an animal's knowledge, what you never acknowledge, and prefer to ignore
I go like a brick through a window, there may be no tomorrow, i don't care anymore

Here i am, i ruined your wall, talk responsibility, ugliness, mallrats
The town is callous to the kids on the street

Smarmy people, i'd like to blow them all away, vacant faces and a language of cliches
Hypocrites aspiring to be all the same, i will act on all my dreams and take things to extremes

I this time of new understanding, with the darkness descending and your money all gone
I will hang tough making weirdness a virtue; i will never desert you in your quest for the dawn

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