- To Love

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November 12, 2015


Love, it renders even wise men into fools;
a force that has followed us for so long;
yet all we can hope to do is give in
to something so wonderful.

If one's soul could be a song,
If one's soul could sing along.
There would be nothing that I could say,
to match the way I feel.
So I will simply read you a verse;
forgive me.

E'en though
I've known you now
for quite some time,
In life there's naught at all that can contend
With meeting your soft lips, oh so sublime,
And for a moment feel my breath suspend.
As tacit words are whispered to my heart,
They gently beckon me to your embrace.
Without a thought I readily depart
The world and leave my worries to efface.
In your dark eyes there lies a tenderness
I am not worthy of yet you've bestowed,
And so my soul is nursed by your caress
Where normally the sands of time erode.
A thousand years together will not do
To weary me of one more kiss from you.

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