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January 31, 2016


Something's wrong, but I don't know what
Wondering how, with all the things I've got
Life is good, but the pain don't stop
'Cause I'm holding on, so I give it up
Cheer up, cheer up, put a smile on your face
Wake up, wake up, take me out of this place
Rise up, rise up, we are the human race
Cheer up, cheer up, put a smile on your face

So if you really go the whole way and see how you feel at the prospect of vanishing forever. Have all your efforts, and all your achievements, and all your attainments turning into dust and nothingness. What is the feeling? What happens to you?
It's a curious thing, that in the worlds poetry, this is a very common theme. The earthly hope men set their hearts upon turns ashes, or it prospers, and a non- like snow upon the deserts dusty face lighting a little hour or two and is gone.

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