- Crazies

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November 12, 2015Fixed by Mar Yano 


At times I feel like I lost myself,
somewhere that I invented,
A young death can come with incentive.

Now tell me what you're writing down,
have I made a good impression?
There's no need for this form of apprehension,
and you failed to mention.

I'll never make it home
Cause this house won't ever let me out.
One thing you'll never know,
the things you love are the things I live without.

I was driving around on the night of your death,
with a note in my hand and your head on my chest
as I read,
"you need to pay more attention to the path you travel less"
There was a fork in the road, I drove us both straight off the edge.

Someone please tell me what the doctor says.
He's struggling just to annunciate what's going on in my head.
It's nothing new to me, that nothing goes according to plan.
You're doubting the dreamer, that's how this began.

I must be out of my mind,
I payed you money to love me.
I think that counts for nothing.


I have confined myself in a room with no one else.
but this sunlight keeps me company,
in darkest city.

it's funny to see you here,
in the back of my mind.
well, the door was left unlocked.
through the night.
and i'm hardly sleeping.
hardly sleeping.

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