- Fire of Dreams

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December 9, 2015


For many years
I travelled in the coldness
For many years I've been searching for the light
For many years
I travelled through the darkness
To find the answers far behind
Now I feel
Swimming in dark waters
The time has come to free me from my mind
Take my breath
Far beyond the dawn's reach
There's a place a place to hide

Now I can feel that a flame awakes in me
Out of ashes my new fate revives
Fire will change all that what is bound to be
And the blaze brings a new glimpse of life

Fire of dreams burn in my mind
For long time I was caught of my own pride
And I will rise above the borders still unknown
Fire of dreams burn in my hand
See the shadows flee away into the distant lands
Too far away to reach

See my mind
The shadows left behind me
The thunderstorm will follow by my side
Travel far
'Til I reach the wide sea
I'll reach the border through a stormy ride
Waves of ice
Lightning in the dark sky
The wind blows hard the coldness in my eyes
The sail resists
And bring me through this last night
To come up to the other side of life

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