March 8, 2016Fixed by Jose De Torres Contreras and 1 more


Picking up the pieces of the day
And casting them away
Walk into the town below
And lay it all so low
Waltzing with Paulina

Now all the world's asleep
With the secrets that they keep
Climb 'till your legs are tired
And your eyes are open wide
Polska Ukrayina
Polska Ukrayina, now!

Never alone, never afraid
Śliwowica under the shade
You'll greet the sun with bottles high
Your bodies pale against the sky

Zajebiście, Kurwa!
Zajebiście, Kurwa!

Up into the highest peak
Sleep is for the weak

Baltic is at your back
You'll head towards the Black
Where the river's rising high
All along the countryside
Enter the hyenas
Enter the hyenas

One for the A to the K
Two for Ascension day
Three for the dusty ground
Four for the life you've found
Polska Ukrayina
Polska Ukrayina, now

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