- Oh My

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November 12, 2015


Unfortunate for me, I couldn’t afford to be fortunate
Shit, More like the kid misfortune never missed
According to the landlord I’m poor as piss
Trying to get this porridge recording hits, to download
Only shows supporting this, but ya’ll really don’t know how the touring gets
And I didn’t just come here to moan and bitch, grown folks spittin’ for our own kid’s benefits
It’s the return of the poor man’s rap
For those who don’t own homes off coke-rap
There ain't enough love so we showin’ that, so them old school cats now broke from rap
It's mostly the poor that most emcees ignore
When most these emcees were born or grew up poor.
While we slave in the Ol’ work force, and pay for a government that don’t work for us.

Oh my.
Oh, just tryin’ to get by
Lord I’m so tired
Of fightin’ to get mine
Trying to get my
Dough right
And though it ain't for me lately,
It don’t faze me it's
All right
Cause I make money
Money don’t make me

I believe that we can all agree
It is what it is not what we thought it’d be
And if what I lived ain’t what I'm called to be
I must’ve miss-trained my psychology
And it’s a mystery, ain’t it?
Exists among the miss-created
History just like a train without a destination
We need food clothes and shelter
So we hustle till we old and helpless
And if you do, only go for the gold and wealth
You still alone cause you don’t know yourself
At the end of the day
Still gotta eat
Still gotta feed the kids
Still gotta light and heat the crib
I undertand that
Nobody planned that
And single mothers askin’ where the fuck their man at
But life demand that we do it for love
From student to thug
From school to the clubs, it goes...

Oh my...

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