- don't need

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November 12, 2015


[Verse 1]
Sitting on a park bench on the D Low
Feeling like Clark Kent's alter-ego
Throwing out bread smigeons
To the eager-to-fed pigeons
I could loaf around, laugh all day
But unless I got another loaf around, they fly away
I wish I could fly too
I'd fly to a lake and sit in somebody's canoe
I wouldn't care if it were strapped with the oar
Cause I wouldn't be in no rush to make it back to the shore
I'm not an athletic specimen
But I can float with the best of them
People tend to act real pushy
But you can't put a strain on my brain, it's too mushy
I just recline in the sun
Stumble through life until my time is done
Don't need
No better place to go
[Verse 2]
You can catch me on a playground swing
Back and forth smilin' doing my thing
Passers-by often color me dumb
But I dont' care man, I'm comfortably numb
They lookin at me real strangely
But their perceptions don't change me
I bet if I jumped at the right trajectory
I'd fly right over them and land in a special seat
On the crest of the moon with a fishing pole
Cast into earth in some distant hole
Pull up a catfish I wouldn't gut it
I would play with it, and love it
I'm sorry for the hole that spanned your lip
A small price for that old companionship
Loneliness is a mountain, a massive climb
I'm on the other side, happy, just passing time

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