- Brain Sweater

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April 14, 2016


When I awoke,
In a cold sweat,
I opened my eyes in hopes last year was just in my head,
Well of course it wasn't.
I stared at a ceiling,
Who hates me?
Cause' indecision feeds complacency.
When I awoke,
I did not know where I was sleeping,
But I had an inkling,
It was not the bed I'd wanted.

High-rise your basement,
You take your pick,
I wanna be six feet underground with flowers on the surface,
Cause' I'm so fucking tired of waking up tired,
With this throbbing pain in my head,
I know I'm speaking vaguely,
But lately,
Those are the only terms in which can speak adequately,
When I woke,
When I woke.

Now I know,
I don't have the guts,
To go home,
And face what I have not done,
And golden opportunities are sitting right in front of me,
Still I hold my hands behind my back,
In excuse to not take good and bad
I deserve to get when I awoke,
When I awoke.

I found peace in a parking lot,
Peace in a parking lot,
Think I'll tell everyone,
I was hanging out with my friends,
Then in the morning I'll drive home like nothing ever happened,
I found peace in a parking lot.

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