- Home Sweet Home

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November 12, 2015


I was designed to spin you the finest tracks,
I'm thin, my skin is a shiny black.
Yeah, I am wax.
I hibernate in my crate and I relax…
Waiting for the perfect life,
for my band to sell me as merchandise.
Fourty fans wait for me in line.
I ain't even been heard but I've already been signed.
Off I go, I'm so so lucky.
I've found me a home and my owner loves me.
I spin ten times a day.
He grins and sings while I play.
But one night, my owner throws a party.
gets stoned and I'm stolen by somebody.
Please, help! I'm all by myself,
Covered in dust on a stranger's shelf. Damn!

Why d'they take me away from my home sweet home?
Damn, I wanna go back.

Twenty years have passed since I've been strayed.
I've hollered, I've cussed, I've begged and I've prayed,
My cover's colours are beginning to fade.
I'm smothered in dust,‘cause I never get played.
One day, I'm stuffed in a box,
With busted up kicks and ugly clocks.
Exposed at the market for the customers' flux
and I'm sold to a chump for a couple of bucks.
Taken home to be frantically handled,
his hand pulls me back, I'm scratched and dismantled.
My new owner hacks up my tracks like a vandal,
My piano notes get extracted as samples.
He uses and abuses me,
glues me to a beat, spews a few gooves with me, two or three.
when I thought we were just getting started,
he takes me back to the market…

I can't wait to return to my home sweet home,
‘cause I've traveled a lot.

Once again, I'm out in the cold,
exposed on the market, waiting to be sold.
Far from home, feeling abandonned.
A random man grabs me and I'm examined.
He buys me whilst rubbing his palms,
and calmly wanders off with me under his arm.
I must've gained value by today
‘cause he put me up on eBay right away.
When will this shit stop, I'm pissed off.
quickly bought again and then getting shipped off.
But this time… to a known place.
I'm opened and see my owner's face.
He sees the autographs, sheds a tear,
we've both got old, it's been over twenty years.
He gives me a spin, sings to my tracks.
Damn it feels good to be back… Home!

I'm so glad I returned to my home sweet home,
Back to where I belong.

(the loop spins round)

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