November 12, 2015


When you told me you were leaving,
well I couldn't feel my mouth,
because all I'll ever be is someone else.
As I watched you walk away,
I felt something in me change.
My heart froze over, all emotion dripped away

So I drove home,
at a hundred miles an hour,
just to see what it feels like to fly.
I crashed my car,
into someone else's backyard,
just to see what it feels like to die.

When you told me that you missed me,
well i couldn't close my eyes,
because I realized what it felt like to die.
'cause all you'll ever be
is a nightmare and a wet dream,
a reason to smile from six feet under ground.

So bathe me in pale flesh,
promise that I'll never be good again.

I hope you miss me when I'm gone,
because I can't hold on for too long.
and I'm so scared of dying alone,
that I'll kill myself right here, right now.

and i'll die.

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