- Eventide

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September 23, 2016


Once as the grains of existence
Were planted into the grounds,
The birds of the truth still
Sang out their shining melodic sounds
But time, the cruel hunter,
Polluted the air of the intact world
So the birds were caused to fall
And so the hunter caught'em all

As the young trees of existence
Got their eternal bright knots
The first clean leaves
Jumped into the lightless plots
And time, the cruel hunter,
Polluted the area of ones leaf
With bacteria called men
And so the leaf's decay began

The beautiful light of former times
Is replaced by night and constant crimes
Whatever you strive pulls you into grief
Light and life will leave the leaf

Now all contacts cleave
On earth, our autumn leave
You wanna exploit the light
Too late - it's eventide

As the bacteria did
Their cruel work for time
Suddenly they were not more
Than a worthless coat of grime
Now time, the former hunter,
Wants to clean his hunting ground
The bacteria can t bout,
So the time will wipe'em out...

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