May 28, 2016


Worried in the nighttime, worried in the day
'cause another woman, took my man away
down in St. Louis, there I lost my pride and joy
St. Louis woman, stole the heart of my big boy, I'm cryin'!
St. Louis gal, just look what you done done, I mean what you done done
St. Louis gal, we're gonna have some fun, I mean a-lots of fun!
I'm always cryin' the blues, both night and day
now, daddy's gone but you will shake in your shoes
hear what I say, 'cause some fine mornin', without any warnin'
St. Louis gal, I'm gonna handle you, I mean manhandle you
you'll find yourself in a jam, as sure as anything what am
I'm going a-huntin', do, do, de, do
you know just what I'm gonna shoot, you stole my pal, St. Louis gal
down in Missouri, there'll come a time, your life won't be worth a dime
you stole my pal, St. Louis gal.

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