- 10 lbs.

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November 12, 2015Fixed by jam and earl 


I thought The Rodeo Song was my draw
The more the horse bucked, the deeper you'd fall
But you worked there for roots and for old ties
You were there for your friend, not the one on the rise

I wish we were adult contemporaries when we went through school
'cause I'd have hung around and I'dve walked you home from school
Your friend's the actress, don't lose 10 lbs. too
'cause you are as pretty, as pretty times two

But she doesn't come alone - she comes with a friend
and that means you, you'll come around
So bells ring and whistles blow
At least I'm alive

You take the highway in and you take it home
and I walk through patterned blocks, I cut it alone
You should never laugh at other people's jokes
'cause I fill up with pride, live my life in the hopes
I live my life in the hopes

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