August 20, 2016


signs, what's with those signs? would they explain it to you? silent words. and
the words describe what's gone through our heads. feels impossible to think that
memories of now will ever fade. i'm silently whatching your movements as you
walk through the room. i'm watching your eyes moving across the floor and all
the dust in my room. this silent is so painful, don't you think? you'd just say
i'm having "one of those days" again. but i know i'm not. can't beleave we even
sat on the same train, looking out different windows in silent. we've been
trying to ignore this for so long. i've really let this gone too far. one of
these days i simply will ask you. didn't know it was up to me all along. is it
really? is it so? all this time you could have told me, right? you just shut me
out with your silence. i thought you lied. dance, this silent dance of
lonlyness. stumble and fall. it's only bitetrness and tears. the daily flood of
the eyes. i remember when i thought i forgot about it all, and then how you
proved me wrong. this train is heading nowhere in a speed too high. eventhough
we're not at the same place we're still inside. we're still sharing the same
view = each others eyes.

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