- Lyla

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November 12, 2015


Goodmorning Lyla,
The flower's bloomed months ago
And now the branches hang with autumn's fire.
I wake each morning
To feel this ground's gone frozen beneath me-
I dreamed away these months 'til you were gone.

And I found myself waking,
Curled up in my arms with a cigarette in hand,
And the hopes that we held were in my pocket.

Will we ever be,
What this world was to you and me
Will we ever be crying for these days
Will we ever be what this heart held for you and me
Will we ever be the same

And I heard you'd been hanging around,
Those city boys learned to dance so well.
It breaks my heart, it gives me hell,
I'll go to the meadow where we used to lay.
But I still wade into that stream
The frozen damn water, it tears at me.
But it makes me feel like I'm fighting to breathe
and it's only then I'm scared of dying.
It's only when I see you turn to go
that I know I need your love to stay.

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