- Look Down

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November 12, 2015


Look down, lo0k down don't look 'em
in the eye
Look down, look down
You're here until you die
The sun is strong it's hot as hell below
Look down, look down
There's twenty years to go
I've done no wrong sweet Jesus hear my prayer
Look down look down sweet Jesus doesn't care
I know she'll wait I know that she'll be true
Look down look down they've all forgotten you
Look down look down don't look 'em in the eye
How long O Lord before you let me die
Look down look down you'll always be a slave
Look down look down
You're sanding in your grave.
JAVERT Now bring me prisoner 24601
Your time is up and your parole's begun
You know what t hat means.
VALJEAN Yes it means I'm free
JAVERT No. It means you get your
yellow ticket of leave you are a thief
VALJEAN I stole a loaf of bread
JAVERT You robbed a house.
VALJEAN I broke a window pane.
My sister's child was close to death
and we were starving.
JAVERT You will starve again unless
you learn the meaning of the law.
VALJEAN I know the meaning of those nineteen years a slave of the law.
JAVERT Five years for what you did the rest becasue you tried to run yes 24601.
VALJEAN My name is Jean Valjean
JAVERT And I'm Javert do not forget my name do not forget me 24601.

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