November 12, 2015


You called me late from a friend's phone and you were looking for a friend.
I told you I'd take you to the place you love.

You had your back faced towards the water: you were looking for a dance.
I was too gone, could've caught her,
I could have gave her the chance.

Soaking wet…
And I bet this is the best night you've had in awhile.
Where we met…
And I'll let you call me "darling" but you don't mean it yet.

I was looking and you had dead eyes.
I could see everything.
You forgot the one rule:
Where we went to, I could tell you everything.

I pulled you out from the water and you just laughed in my arms.
You told me how you never wanted to keep us apart.

So why'd you do it?
Why are you selfish?
Why can't I trust you anymore?
Where's the "sorry?"
No pity party when you come and knock on my door…

If you ever forget where, I will take you there.

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