- Big Houses

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November 12, 2015


prayer is the bell jar you put over this goodbye
i'd rather leave this embrace between you and i

let's lock out the bearded old man in the night gown
he can tap against the glass but i'm not coming out

i build bridges with these arms,
i will not build a fortress
in the circle around the kitchen table
i say my "amen" because i feel blessed
secretly hoping while joining hands that you can't feel my trembling fingertips

if i sign this piece of paper do i sell my soul along with my duties?
we won't put our money where your catholic mouth is.

even though the teeth are long gone
there's still bone beneath the gums
and there's a lot of potential in a mighty organ

and they told us not to clap so we clap as loud as we can
because the reverb in those holy halls is like a long lost friend
he keeps hitting the walls and comes all the way back
back again back back again back back again

i want trees instead of gravestones and nothing to confess
i got a soft spot for your ancient books of horror stories
i got a music in my ears from long long ago and far far away
and i still hum its tune but how could i ever believe every word it says to me?

we follow our own steps
while our shadows keeps watching us the wrong steps
would be not to start this exodus.

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