- Stone Me Into The Groove

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February 15, 2016


I woke up and the sun was dressed in blue
The Panavision colours ran out, out in my room
I wanna paint them where ever you go
I wanna thrill you but I want it slow
I wanna fly in the room of your arms
I wanna enjoy all of your charms

So just stone me into the groove
You're making everything beautiful
I think it's wonderful
Stone me into the groove
I wanna go!

Oh, my saviour, my friend, just take me away
From tonight and in, into today
Just take me out on a carpet ride
Into a place where I mustn't hide
'Cause I'm bored of the ancient truth
I am a car crash in the blue

So just stone me into the groove...

Just name a place where I would'nt got
'Cause I wanna fly, love, move, cry
Fly, fly, love, love everything that you do

So just stone me into the groove...

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