- Land of Broken Dreams

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January 8, 2016


Eyes, I look into your eyes
I try to realize you're not longer there
Fear, I'm fighting with my fear
A feeling so surreal, more than I can bear.

I'm walking down the road
I'm left out in the cold
I try to find a way on my own.

In the land of broken dreams, the home of broken hearts
A place filled with loneliness where love has fallen apart
In a world of lost belief, it's as sad as it seems
I walk this lonely street of the land, the land of broken dreams
The land of broken dreams.

Hand, I held it in my hand
I try to understand what I did do wrong
Crime, if passion is a crime
I'm guilty of love and I was all along
I try to stay alive, to be strong.


My home, my land of broken dreams.


The land of broken dreams
The land, the land, land of broken dreams.

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