- Pissage

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November 12, 2015


Still walking out backward
Storms acid jack trip all over the mold
Free markets of sunshine
Violent burns out splattering poles
Missing misfortune
What's happening
Yeah, it's happening now

Sitting on the fence
All is easier split
When legs don't hold
The system folds (x2)

Pills taking it up now
Your strength is coming from corners that curl
Accented with perfume,
The smell of death from a medicine ball

Intaking up deadly wishes
From the mouth of a patriot's rotting on the call
Pissing on the edge, waiting for the proof
Sifting the flour to cut with the truth

Thrills taking the place of
What's up there sleeps just out of the way
It's feeding on sunshine
Never give it up, never get, get in the way

It's taken the heart of gold,
And burrowing bugs that listen away
Fitting in a space, thinking it's a race
Waiting for a "sleeper" pill

Dumb fuckers
Let the time machine detoxify!

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