- à Tout à L'heure

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November 12, 2015


Counting twos, counting fours
When you're feeling sad treading ever so kindly
Break it off, break it off
When you see it glow, and you're thinking it's ripened

À tout à l'heure, À tout à l'heure
When you lift your feet, and you know it's me waving
Scattered rains, scattered rains
Counting dandelions and the parks they're ripened

Counting threes, counting fives
See the beaucoup view and the merry go rounding
Spin your arms, spin your eyes
êtes vous ma fleuri, ever carefully breezing

Look how we live, look how we laugh
Feel the bellowing and the bath in flexing
Let it drop, and let it bounce
Counting melodies, and the gravity breathing

Counting twos counting fours
When your feeling slow treading ever so finely
Cut it off cut it off
When you see it broke and your thinking that's faulting

À tout à l'heure, À tout à l'heure
When you lift your souls, and you know it's me smiling
Scattered rains scattered rains
Scatter buttercups and the melodies ripened

Counting threes counting fives
See the bickering and cherry go round
Spin your arm spin your eyes
Ever presently Ever carefully freezing

Cant move in cant move out
Till the mellowing and daffodil resting
Let it drop let it bounce,
Count the good news and the levity teething

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