- Breakapart

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November 16, 2015Fixed by musiclover 


Heart starts beating
Faster than the images
That flash before your eyes
Chest is aching
Then again it might be
That the dress is just too tight
And now the fun part's over
Memories are honeytraps
With no more cheques to cash
I feel ready, years of crooked steadiness
Are foaming at the mouth and attack.
Heart stops bleeding,
It radiates but who knows if it's left or was it right
A slight distraction,
You sensed it from the get-go
But you can't go and there's no getting back
And now a past time lover,
Wrecked and then recovered
Hovers at the doorway and laughs
And I can't stop feeling
Funny how you let what kept you breathing to now eat you alive.

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