- You

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November 12, 2015Fixed by Jose De Torres Contreras 


I have something to tell you
And I know it wont be easy
Ive been thinking these past few days
It might be time to leave
Youre like a stranger
Then youre a lover
Never the same
Always hard to believe
(*) Im caught between goodbye and I love you
Never knowing quite where I stand
Im caught between goodbye and I love you
Falling both ways nowhere to land
So constantly stranded
I cant understant it
This double life youve handed me
Is like the devil and the deep blue sea
If we go on much longer
If my doubts grow any stronger
Then I may have to let you go
If only to survive
Give me a reason
Why should I stary here?
Ive tried so hard
Just to keep love alive
Repeat (*)

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