- Kokayne

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November 12, 2015


I brought out the rice
She was down to play
We were up all night on cocaine They call me Jonny Quest and it's a nice night
The ice bright and they brighter than a lightning strike
The lightning coast, glide a coast, the Pacific coast
I run the keys to Jamaica, Usain Bolt
I'm Michael Bolton boasting bragging in the Aston Martin
A lot of shit up on my chest, Dolly Parton
The iPhone got Carson Daley on the karaoke
My skin tone same colour as the french toast

Dangleberry hop, breaking in the bird flock
Aw shit, look who it is the white Chris Rock
I then done spent a grand on a ham steak
I should charge you ten grand for a handshake
Maybe twenty K on a show and tell
Now its 3AM, Taco Bell
I'm stacking up my cheese like a taco shell
I'm sliding through your city on a turtle shell

I need it, I want it
I would do anything for it
It brings my life enjoyment
Up all night to the early morning

Up all night to the early morning

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