November 12, 2015


Give me peace and rest, I ask,
and deliver me from suffering.
But it comes in waves and birth pangs;
My head reels and I cannot deal with this alone.
If you take it all away from me will you give it all back too?
Or will you sit me down like Job and give me a talking to?
Would you kneel down and resuscitate if I was turning blue?
Or do you smile at me because you've already been through
what I'm going through?
So break into my bag of waters,
and lift me out by my heels.
Draw my up from my bed screaming -
I'm wanting to be born again.
Running back my memories (All I have is you),
and I am struggling with disappointment (All I have is you).
You scared me in delivery - what else could I do?
Will you remind me you remember me?
All I have is you.
Do I remind you of Nicodemus with confusion on my face?
Was I in your mind when you originally thought of grace?
Will you stand aloof from me while I am hounding at your gate?
Or do you hold me in contempt while I am grieving?
Jesus took a boat out on the lake of Galilee.
He was mourning for his cousin John and he'd rowed out to be
alone, but when he reached the other shore
a crowd had followed him,
but instead of being frustrated
you had compassion and healed them there.
Give me peace and rest, I ask.

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