- Survive

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November 12, 2015


i play
the stereo life
when i'm away from the meadowland crowd (?)
smokin. jokin.
clowns we all are

sometimes gotta get really ill
when i receive my monthly telephone bill
u say it + ill pay it

cuz it just helpz me to
survive. (survive)
stay alive
til i see u again
stay alive
can't say where it ends

clouds lift + there are mountainz below
been awhile since ive seen any smoke
chillen' so thrillin'
so good to be back

feels nice
to be home for awhile
letz sip champaigne til we reckon a smile
well go dancin ' romancin'

cuz ur the reason i
survive. (survive)
stay alive
through the think + the thin
stay alive
where will it all end?

put my bagz in a pack
cuz ive got to go back + play

but i know we'll both
survive. (survive)
stay alive
thru the think + the thin
stay alive
til it all ends.
ooh we'll
survive. (survive)
stay alive
when will it all end?
stay alive
'til i see u again

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