November 12, 2015


Dark tendrils infect his soul
his fate is sealed, he kills those near
that darkness he sought to destroy
becomes entwined and one
he wanted an end to mortality
but he becomes death
was his sacrifice worth it?
The stars will scream in agony
The very noblest of intentions
they burn the deepest scars
of a mind forever lost
in the black madness of despair
He rises as an agent of darkness
he fulfills his destiny
an apprentice of hate and cold
he is born of prophecy
his soul rots from within
and the darkness is revealed
but he powerless to resist
the calling of the void
his dreams haunt him with
of that frostbitten eidolon
he is the harbinger of pain
of the very same future he sought to destroy
groves of grotesquely misshapen corpses lay in his wake
he is the ultimate betrayer
whose name shall make the heavens weep

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