- Future

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December 31, 2015


I really wanna give people a perspective of where you were and what you were doing prior to even this I mean...
Biggie Smalls:
U know h, u kno h, u kno how niggas is cuz, cuz u was one dem niggas u kno I'm sayin. Fuck that nigga u kno I'm saying
There's no two, t-two man spot, there's only spot, I'm on, I'm on, I'm, I'm on, I'm on some survival, survival, survival shit
(Future, astronaut nigga)
Pimp C:
Got the whole city ridin foreigns for-foreigns, for-fo-foreigns, for-fo-foreigns
(Free band gang, Um on Pluto)
Vs 1:
I got Woo stripes, that's 30 years n runnin,
I should b wit Big Meech, I'm gettin so much money,
I started off finessin, n then I washed my hands
Don't nuttin touch it, if it ain't dem bands
I prayed to Messiah, told em I want it all
Put me in da game, or I'm goin behind da wall
I'm livin lavish, smashin on these pink toes
Mo paper than Kinkos
Drinkin bottles and they Gold (Rozay)

Drinkin lean n its active
Yeah poppin wheelies on a banshee
We throwin money on these hoes, n they ain't even dancing
And its coming back white Marilyn Manson
They yellin Young Future back,
N these broads cook crack, Makaveli
N I'm fillin up my belly, wit oies, vegetary
I'm a dog on these hoes vetenary
(Yeah) I make movies, tyler perry
Yo main dame, that's my secretary
But u good, cuz I love money, February
Got a lot uh shit on my mind but can't get discouraged,
Applying major pressure, u better be worried
U bout to get ya issue, nah u gon get ya issue
Da preacher gon say a scripture
I'm askin for forgiveness
I hear da streets callin, all da lil ghetto children
Future all they know
Astronaut pluto
Numeral uno
I'm coming for ya throat
Bitch I gotta have it, I know u waitin to taste it
N I'm murder every track, nigga cold case it

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