November 12, 2015


This here song is from back in the day
Nineteen hundred and sixty two
My women put my black ass out in the cold
I said, "Baby why you leavin'?"
She said, " Our love done gone cold."

Well, I waded through water and I waded through mud
Til I come to this place they call the Bucket of Blood.

You know that bartender gave me a dirty look and a dirty glass
I said, "Hey motherfucker do you know who I am?"
He said, "Hell no nigga, I don't give a goddamn"

I reached down in my pocket and pulled out my shiny .44
Shot that motherfucker twice
He hit the goddamn floor
'Bout that time you coulda heard the drop of a pin
That's when that bad motherfucker Billy Lyons walked in

About that time a pimp eased up and turned out the lights
That's when I had ol' Billy Lyons dead in my sights
When the lights come back on ol' Billy gone to rest
I put nine of my bullets in his motherfuckin' chest!

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