- Business Cat

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April 6, 2016


Business Cat just called to make sure
That we're singing from the same hymn sheet
That we're optimising, synergising our portfolio
Diversifying our assets
By investing in other kind of business pets.

And he wants us to know before he's got to go
To the conference being held in Tokyo
That he'll take up the slack
And that he's got our backs
When it comes to upper-management.

Business Cat flies around the World
He's a first-class guy
I'm his first-class girl
You're also his secretary
(meowed) She's indispensable to me
You've got a wife and family
But he's married to his job
'Cos he's Business Cat
Strictly Business
On Business
Doing all his business
In his litter tray

Business Cat is back from the conference
He is filled with new found confidence
He's exploring the paradigm, blue-sky thinking
pushing the envelope, touching base (Or bass for the purposes of punage).

Business Cat wants to get some face-time
See what you're bringing to the table
If it's not commodatizable you'd better leverage the mind-share.
L L Leverage the mind sekfjgnsdfkljgns

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