- At the Wake

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November 12, 2015


So far from me
Stands a man known as disease
He's shaking all the hands of the people that he meets

And now
you just dont see me anymore
I've been losing everything
You just dont see me anymore
I'll say goodbye

Since you left she's a mess
She regrets all the things
That she could have said but...
We fall asleep, never think about anything
We wake to the sound of a phone as it hits the ground


And oh at the wake, at the wake
I will turn to see a face
Just a face, just a face
So surrounded by a name
What a name, what a name
And we never want to change
What you gave, what you gave
Never want to let go

So surround me
I need anything
And you, you're everything
I want to live like I did before all this hit
To sleep in your arms
To think, we'll never fall apart

And oh, you know its
You know its such a drag
To live your life for a heart attack
To never get a second chance to say goodbye
So say goodbye
I'll never get to try


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