November 18, 2015


One thousand steps to the demise of the day.
One thousand degrees while the sun flares and wanes.
As I stare at the curve of the spine of this land
One thousand bottles pass through my hands.
Now they say you've gone under but I saw you ascend
Holding aloft a gold ring and a brand.
Now a thousand meanings have clouded that code.
And one thousand sorrows have darkened my road.
When will I find the light?
How will I use the light?
And by my very life
Do I reduce the light?
Will the light that I lack come back to smite my diffident soul?
What did my empty hands hold?
We came upon that bright plain, strangers
One thousand miles till we met on that hill.
Then down into the valley where the rain rages
One thousand years and it's raging still.
Now all cries for mercy they go unheeded
And miseries worsen and miseries pour.
Then finally left to bow down, defeated
A thousand supplicants to the wrath of the Lord.
Did we receive the light?
Why did we leave the light?
To grope a vacant night like naked acolytes
Gone blind to the Christ from the thousand sights our eyes did behold
Trauma upon trauma upon trauma, one thousand fold.
From my chair I stare at the encroachment of night.
A herd of women pass through my sights.
A herd of men construct castles in clay.
I heard you coming from miles away.
But I defy you to smile should you look on my face
All the traits you revile are carved into that space.
And if you don't want for violence, don't speak and don't think.
Simply sit there in silence and silently drink.
And should we find the light
Since we maligned the light
We'll simply act contrite
And crawl to paradise
Two parasites for the Lord, restored at last to the Table of Souls.
To the Table of Souls. To the Table of Souls. To the Table of Souls.

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