- What More Can I Say

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January 26, 2016


It happened suddenly
I wonder how I may
I know that it may be

Here I come
Watch me someday
And I'll know, the day before
And I, better say it
And I know, watch it before it dies
Like I, always say your lies
And I know that I need to grow
What are you waiting
To tell me
Get on a rail
One more other day
What am I doing here?
What may I've ever...?

It's a cause for my seed
It's such a (?) before it falls
If so, it's from my breathe
And I got my (?) in my way
And I, (?) from my breeze
And I got to find this before it blows

What more can I say?
Never said my name
Never met my enemy
Never said I'm...
Never said my name
Never met my-

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