- So-So

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November 12, 2015Fixed by noodles00cx 


Sitting in my room
Thinking of the day you would love me too
Hoping that youll come
Come to me please baby be with me
Youre that special girl
The one that both fills my heart and soul
If you get with me
I promise you the world I can guarantee

Ohh yea...

Im hoping, and wanting and wishing that you will someday be with me
Im falling madly in love with you
Oh wont you stay with me?

A long time has passed
I guess you can see what you mean to me
So you took a chance
And gave me the key to your heart

I will not mess up
You will not regret what youve done for me and you
I will be the one to come to you, kiss you and be with you
When I look into your eyes I can see the stars up above yea
When you look into my heart.
All you would see is me, you and a family

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