- Hoop Life

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November 12, 2015


It's Hoop Life

I hoop every fucking... just to get better
Trying to make the NBA, trying to see that cheddar
Nigga, I'm gudda gudda like gudda
Shout out to Mack Maine, shout out to Tyga
Shout out to Lil Wayne, Shout out to Birdman
Lil B, bitch, I got them birds man
If you a coach I can play for your team
If you got dimes, I'll show you how to screan
I got the lead and this the fourth quarter
I'm gon' pass it, who gon' score for us
Who's loyal to us?
We like the Spurs, front line don't switch
Even Ginobli, coming off the bench
Even my niggas play hard when we tired
I'm going to the NBA, who gon' stop me
Number one draft pick bitch just watch me

It's that hoop life
Hoop Life, young nigga

Hoop Life bitch, hoop life
Lil B tell 'em they ain't bout that life
At the gym every night, tryna get right
Hoop time, going to the rack, with them dimes
If you on my team then you gotta stay focused
If you gotta pass then you gotta be open
If you wanna score then I got the assist
I'm the assist, I'm riding with the brick
Call me lil keke, call me Jay Prince
Call me Steve Nash, Call me Jason Rich
Shout out to Allen Iverson, I still got them Iversons
Shout out to Miami, coming with that fire
Shout out Steph Curry, on the court pushing thirty
Out chea' flexing blind like that boy Larry Birdy
Out chea' flexing forty with my niggas from the thirty
Fuck with Lil B, Imma tell you bout, ya heard me

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