- Love's a Gun

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April 3, 2016


Love's a Gun
The safety's off
and in the chamber there's a bullet
but only one
spin it round
test your luck
pull the trigger and you'll know what you have won
its either bang a bright red flash of light then sweet oblivion, or a click that means another round of tense anticipation
is the pain worse than the waitng only you can make the call
just one call click and you see what you have done
love's a gun

Love's a game
with cup and balls
you give your money the ball is hidden and
the cups all look the same
you watch each move, you know the con
you've been fooled before so concentrate
remember why you came
cause this time you know your choice is right
you've finally beat the odds but when he lifts the cup it's empty
You're fooled again so hang your head in shame
love's a game

love's a play
you know the plot, its a comedy or that's what people say, curtain up you hear your cue
boys meet girls and then hijinks ensue
it happens everyday, and they tell you when to enter where to go and what to say and it all seems predetermined like you're programmed to obey and if your lucky you get married to someone you hardly know, then applause then no one tells you what to say, it always ends this way love's a play
love's a crime a bloody scene
the bodies piling up and clues galore, but who knows what they mean another hit, a killing spree the killer can't stop his compulsion he can't wipe his consciene clean and the evidence is shaky and the jury is asleep and the lawyers are incompetent and the judge bribed on the cheap and its hard to figure out if you're the victim or the perp either way you're doing time, love's a crime

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