- The Move

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November 12, 2015


These two back teeth are ground meat, I barely slept this week but you're lovely in the morning all remininding me why I should be sorry.
Say, "I love your brain but I hate when it pushes me away."
Well it's been down and now you're finally finding out that I'm not supposed to get better but I said I won't be quite like this forever 'cause I'm a liar and a thief.

Well there's an easy way to wind your watch
Come here and take it off, I'll keep it safely in the back where I can clean it I mean it, there's no time like the present or something just as stupid...

I'll tell you I could make you happy, I could make you coffee, when I wake up if you haven't made some already
There's a ticking but it's subtle and you'd barely even notice, but you'll know it when your eyes they start to focus

Til then, I'm around in a hot room by myself, organizing all the ways that I could take all of the things you love away
So I put it on you 'cause it's easier to do
I watch you smoke until you know me, til you're dizzy and you're lonely
Make the move, I am leaving it up to you
Make the move, I am leaving it up to you
Make the move, I am leaving it up to you

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