- I Song

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January 4, 2016


She walks in the room
In her mind she's far away
I can see her emptiness
But I just don´t feel her pain

The love is gone
The only thing she was living for
Mister I´ll never leave you
Walked right out the door, Oh.

It´s killing me inside
The way I´ve seen her change
She writes her life story
But she can´t turn the page
I hold her had, try to take her
But she pulls away
Shades go down, lights go out
there´s nothing left to say

So I´m singing
I want it all but I take just a little
I feel her touch then I need some more
We get high just to try
and relieve the pain
But a voice inside reminds

me there must be a better way, Oh.

So I leave the room
'Bout halfway down the hall
I turn around, she screams out
What, you don´t believe in love.
Said I´ll never be who I was
when I was seventeen
Cause every time I walk away
I leave a piece of me.

Now I understand
What they were trying to say
Life goes by too fast
And people change
But she just wants to be
Who she always was
But you can´t change a single thing
You might as well look up and sing

I, I just take a little
I then I need some more
We get high to relieve the pain
But there is a voice inside
me saying you´d better walk away

And I take just a little
I, oh to relieve the pain we get high
Some things never change
But a voice inside reminds
me there must be,
Be better way.

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